Brand communication

Corporate Identity/Corporate Design

Positive values of a brand are a valuable asset and a major added value which must be preserved and stregthened.

Brand staging needs to follow a holistic strategy and a synergetic corporate identity to be successful. Thus we can assure that a brand is well perceived by the relevant target group despite of the increasing flood of communication.


More than half of all purchase decisions are made spontaneously at the POS. POS materials thus attract the interest of consumers and stimulate the purchase.

Promotional items intensify the consumers’ brand identification and stand the chance to make them brand ambassadors.

Trade fair design

For each exhibition project we start with the principle that the optimal brand positioning can only succeed with an individual booth that is not just composed out of standard trade fair interior elements but really conveys the brands values.

Therefore we develop a tailor-made booth design concept for each of our clients. Out design always takes into account the brand’s very own character and conveys it in an authentic and in an unique way.

Brand identity management

Brand identity management covers all public company communications, from the logo through packagings, brochures, company reports, and business cards to the website.

Today, a coherent image is essential in order to create and maintain belief in a brand.