Mogli for Damia


Brand and packaging development for a completely new and authentic organic brand for children.

Strategic concept:

Starting point for all considerations relating to the brand strategy was that children themselves should be the focus of the new organic children’s brand. The brand core and the corporate philosophy were therefore created using the specially developed Damia signet, on which the whole product and brand strategy is based:

1. Natural, healthy living
2. Learning through play
3. Preserving nature

The idea of experiencing nature as in Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” and the world of Mogli was used to create a uniform brand image world. Particular attention was paid to expressing Kipling’s image of nature. This resulted in a brand environment and packaging design outside the mainstream: independent, sensitive and full of ideas.
Through games and exciting information about the animal kingdom near and far, the packaging was transformed from being a purely marketing tool to having a secondary use as a platform for learning and games.