Royal packaging design for dogs and cats


Launch of about 60 products for the REWE own brand “ZooRoyal“.

Strategic concept:

khdesign prevailed in a pitch against various other agencies for the REWE own brand “ZooRoyal“ with a positive and friendly design concept.

The exciting start into the project, was the redesign of the brand. The brand, which already existed for the online shop, was refined and optimized with much tact and intuition.

The cat and dog products differentiate themselves through the visual concept. On the dog products one can see an outdoor situation with trees, leaves and an incidence of light. The inhouse imagery on the cat products shows a cosy moment in the living room. Both have in common that the key focus is on the quick and loving glance of the animal.

For the realisation of the visual concept the photographer Robert Lichtenberg captured the protagonists from their very best side.

In order to convey important information to the pet owners, khdesign developed meaningful icons.