Weideglück for Schwaben Milch


Brand and packaging relaunch of more than 20 yogurts and desserts.

Strategic concept:

Our main question was: how to represent the natural product milk without showing the conventional cow on a meadow. Our solution: We interpreted “Weideglück” (literally: meadow bliss) afresh and visualized lying on a meadow in the summer, enjoying nature with all one’s senses – from the very blade of grass with lady bug up to the clouds. Thus we had a new angle to emotionalize and restage the brand in its entirety.
For the packaging we chose a label concept, i.e. essential product information is shown on a standard label, which – compared to the old design – improves readibility and product distinction. The range brands “Joghurt-Genuss” (Yogurt Treat), “Frucht-Genuss” (Fruit Treat), “Dessert-Genuss” (Dessert Treat), and “Früchte der Welt” (Fruits of the World) were launched to distinguish the brand further. Shelf and attention value as well as the emotional visual language will help rising sales after relaunch significantly.