Brand understanding

We offer you new perspectives on your brand and product, helping you to identify new markets and target groups. We consider goal-orientated brand management and an early integration of design into the strategic process as our primary task.

Highly competitive, fast-moving markets and sales channels, plus the new consumer society, mean that new product and brand strategies are required. Leverage the strength of khdesign: strategic brand understanding combined with the will to create uniquely positioned, future-oriented products.

In the last years we have organized annual future events in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut on topics such as “International cross-innovation”, “Creative thinking – creative processes” and “Megatrends and packaging codes”. Away from the daily routine we discuss the latest trends with creative minds from all industries and analyze their impact on the consumer goods’ and services’ present and future.

Besides we organize individual client workshops. To find new, original ideas for products, packagings as well as marketing and branding activities we make use of our elaborated khdesign creative techniques.